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Our Mission

Ellis County Elite was founded on the simple principal that players shouldn't have to miss out on playing at a competitive level based on what they can or can't afford. Time after time we have seen talented players who work hard and deserve to be able to take the next step into academy or select, yet due to their financial circumstances, they are unable to. ECE believes that players should earn the opportunity to play based on talent, work ethic, commitment and overall merit.

Our Standards

We work hard to help create talented players by development both individually and as a team. We implore several techniques in order to accomplish this. 

Due to our unique approach, we do have higher standards for our players. 

  • COMMITMENT: We expect our players to commit as much effort training as our coaches devote to developing his team/players. By this we mean that we expect our players to be at all practices and games. Game time is earned by several things, one of which is commitment level.


  • TIMELINESS: Early is on time and on time is late. Players should arrive 10 minutes before practices in order to stretch and at least 30 minutes before games to warm-up.


  • DRESS CODE: All players are expected to arrive to practices and games in full dress. This means shoes/socks on, hair pulled back out of face, no jewelry, shirts tucked in (game days), correct uniform and undergarments which do not show thru the uniform.


  • PERFORMANCE: During practices, players are expected to be focused. Although players should enjoy the session, practices are for learning and growing, it is not social time. For games, players are expected to listen to instruction from their coach and respond. ECE strives to cultivate leadership - the best way to do this is leading by example. Giving your team 100% effort at every practice and game drives and encourages your team to be better, faster and smarter.

Our Fees

ECE does not believe in the "pay to play" mentality like many other clubs in the US today. We do not load our rosters simply to bring in extra fees or charge inflated club/coach fees. Players are accepted onto teams based on Our Standards.


At ECE players pay for the actual cost of things such as registration fees associated with leagues and tournaments, uniforms and equipment.

Total fees for select (U11 and older) typically are about $1600 per year and include uniform, league/tournament fees and registration fees.

Fees fluctuate depending on leagues/tournaments entered.

A good coach takes his love of the game and instills it in you. 

and watches your talent grow into a skill that you both can be proud of.

His drive is the tears you cry because you want it so bad, knowing he had the same feeling inside him too. Make him proud and never give less than your best.

He molds you into the player

he sees inside of you

His payoff is the smile he sees on your face after you have reached your goal.

You both deserve it.

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